Dem Bones Dem Bones

Bones Fest XIII

Louisville, KY, August 28-30, 2009

Hosted again by Gil and Linda Hibben

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Bones Fest XIII held at the Clifton Center provided us with exceptional facilities and as shown in the photograph the best stage with great lighting and sound that we have ever had. Knowing this ahead of time, we professionally record the Fest and in the future will produce a CD/DVD that we can sell that will show what rhythm bones playing and a Bones Fest are all about. The recording was done by Mike Carter who videoed Bones Fest VII also hosted by Gil and Linda. Live music was provided by the Rascals of Ragtime and also by our own Ceili Band shown above with members and two guest musicians. The workshops and performances were again outstanding.

Two highlights of note. First, Mary Seel, third from the right sitting, suffering with cancer though it did not show, willed herself alive to attend the Fest during which she endeared herself to all attendees. She died one month after the Fest.

Second, Kenny Wolin, on his knees, proposed to Teri Davies (who he had met at a previous Fest) with all attendees as witnesses. Linda Hibben said, "How cool is that!" Kenny and Teri hosted Bones Fest XIV, and were married on Sunday morning of the Fest, again with attendees as witnesses. Thanks to Gil and Linda for hosting their second Fest.

Walt Watkins and Mitch Boss (edit larger)

Bill Vits (edit larger)

Finale (edit larger)

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