Dem Bones Dem Bones

A Video about Klepperle - A Rhythm Bones-like Instrument from Germany

Klepperle Gengenbach images

This is a wonderful video about the Klepperle, what we call Rhythm Bones. Click HERE to learn more about it in an article by Jonathan Danforth (in Switzerland it is called chlefeli.) The video was produced as a DVD by the Gengenbacher Narremuseum, and they have given us permission to share it on our website.

What you will see is Klepperle instruction, children making Klepperle, children competing to be the Klepperle King, Queen, Prince and Princess and children and adults marching in parades, the most important being part of Fastnacht, a Marti Gras-like event, where the Klepperle and other noise instruments drive out the evil spirits of winter. There are four cities that are highlighted; Gengenbach, Haslach, Radolfzell (see also and Waldkirch. This is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, and there are hundreds if not thousands of children and adults who play the Klepperle. The video is in German, but you will have little trouble understanding what you see. It is amazing!

Video credits: Narrators, Rudiger Stadel, Michael Bahr and Gerd Birsner; Photographs, Rutiger Stadel; Camera and Editing, Reinhard Enderle; Producer: Thomas Rautenberg; and Director, Reinhard Enderle. Released March 2011. RBS also thanks Jurgen Rapple for his help.