Dem Bones Dem Bones

The 'Sporting Races of Galway' from
'Bare Bones - The Traditional Art of Bones Playing'

Nicholas Driver on rhythm bones with Charlie Harris and William Molan

Bare Bones Cover

This recording used with permission

When we asked Nick for permission to add this recording to our website, he said this, "From a technical and historical perspective it's good to hear the bones played with acapella voice, which was a long tradition of their use, especially in Ireland. So often one hears them with instruments so it makes a change. I would also like to use it as it is a way of remembering my dearest friend Liam Molan who was such a consummate shawnessy singer and musician and who I always played with until he died so very young of cancer." To learn more about Nick Driver, read on-line RBP newsletter, Vol 3, No 2.