Dem Bones Dem Bones

From Tuscany, Italy, Carlino Penni Plays Arcobaleno Nacchere CD Cover

In Tuscany, Italy, there is an exciting group of "Nàcchere" players, and while that translates to Castanets, as you can see in the cover of the CD above from which this song ("Arcobaleno", Carlino Penni on Tuscan Castanets, Eugenio Bargagli on accordion) is taken, they are rhythm bones. The Italians play the Nacchere one-handed using rhythm bones wrist and arm motion. Click HERE to read an article about the CD and the Italian 'rhythm bones' players. Click HERE to watch Ido Corti play both two and three Nacchere.

If you are interested in the CD, search "Nacchere toscane" on Ebay site. Other CDs on Tuscan Folk Music are on (both Italian and English texts.)

This CD is copyright by Paolo Casini and used with permission