Bones Fest III Highlights


September 25, 1999 – Brightwood, VA
Hosts: Russ and Wilma Myers
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Bones Fest III was hosted by Russ and Wilma Myers and held in their home with most of the activities on the back porch overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. This one day fest began about 10 AM and ended about 4 PM. Thirty-four bones players attended and individuals played during the day. Lunch was purchased by attendees at an old general store next door. Sound equipment was provided by Dan Cowett. Virginia Public Television videoed the event for a special program that was broadcast by them. Russ’ dining table served as a display table for bones information. A business meeting was held where the Rhythm Bones Society was officially organized with By- Laws patterned after the Jews Harp Guild. An election was held and the following were elected: Ev Cowett, Executive Director; Russ Myers, Assistant Director; Steve Wixson, Secretary/Treasurer; and Board Members Steve Brown, Sally Carroll, Mel Mercier and Jerry Mescher. A photograph of the founding members is on Page 3.



Following the fest, the first RBS Board meeting was held. The Board authorized a newsletter including the use of color with Steve Wixson as editor. Dues were set at$20 per year. The Board authorized the purchase of as our official website. Chattanooga was selected as the site for Bones Fest IV.