Bones Fest V


August 3-5, 2001 – Winchendon, MA
Hosts: Steve and Jennifer Brown
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Boulet and Duffy

Nicolas Driver

Driver and Dixon


Bones Fest V was hosted by Steve and Jennifer Brown in the Red Apple Barn in Winchendon, MA. It was a three day affair patterned after Bones Fest IV. Here is Steve’s story.


“When I got back from BFIV, I started out quick, visiting the farm and making some contacts, but somewhere around March, I began to get things together. By NEFFA (last weekend in April) I had a rough draft of the flyer, had contacted hotels, had Lori Grady on board working on the flyer and booklet, and had finally settled on the Red Apple Farm. My objectives were to duplicate BFIV, with some new twists: a program book that would include contact information for participants, a T-shirt, and increased live music on Friday as well as Saturday. It really helped that I had some connections for music. Dave Reiner was more than willing to come for the whole day with his two sons. But clearly I couldn’t have done it without Jennifer who made and organized food, and worked tirelessly. Bill Rose was invaluable in setting up the publicity and I did contact a bunch of people including many radio stations.


Saturday morning’s program centered around attending bones players accompanied by Dave Reiner (fiddle) and his two sons. The evening performance invited the public (as in BFIV except a fee was charged) and Dave provided the music. Food for Saturday lunch and dinner was from Boston Market.


I spent more time working and missed all kinds of things: Steve Wixson’s cave man outfit, and a bunch of players, especially during the day. Sunday was an informal gathering serving coffee and donuts and ending about 2 PM. I couldn’t have done any more, although I was the last to leave and cleaned up and packed the tables and chairs. It really was a tremendous amount of work, but well worth it. I glow just writing about it.” Steve Brown