In answer to the RBS quest to develop a low cost, mass produced pair of bones to either give away to kids (and adults) or make available to them to encourage bones playing, I have submitted the following design. Pictured to the right are my Dutch Penny Bones that are the most robust design, easy to make, inexpensive, and have all the features of ease to hold and play for children and adults. I have tried many designs and even given away and sold real bones including wooden bones that cost a thousand percent more and this design has the psychological pulling power to interest kids and adults alike.


As of this writing and the publication of this article in the Rhythm Bones Player newsletter, I give up all my rights to this simple proven design which includes copyright and any patent rights. Dutch Penny Bones are now in the public domain for anyone to copy, use, make or sell for any use. I give the RBS all rights and any information in my files that contain first use of Dutch Penny Bones so the design cannot be contested. I only ask that any reference to these bones be referred to as Dutch Penny Bones.


What I have proposed is: two tongue depressors (sticks) with a penny glued on one end of each stick whereby the penny side are clicked against each other playing the bones in normal bones playing position. Using knock outs from an electrical box in place of the pennies was the idea of Echoing Heart Productions band who only uses recyclables. I use the tongue depressors from any craft store called Forster Jumbo Sticks 300 count 6”x 3/4” x 1/16” and glue one penny on each stick at the end using Gorilla Glue available from Home Depot.