Jerry Mescher

Board Member (1999-2009)
Halbur, IA, US
Player, Maker, Seller
Tradition continues
Mel Remembers

Jerry Mescher was born on March 6, 1941, to Albert and Ann Mescher. His hobbies were restoring tractors, flying his 1947 Piper Super Cub, and building airplanes. Jerry served in the National Guard and was an American Legion member.


As a boy, Jerry would watch and imitate Albert’s bones playing. He carved his first set of bones out of an old peach crate, and practiced alone for several years. Eventually father and son began to practice and play together. They developed a unique style of duet performance in which they played together, beat-for-beat.


After high school, Jerry and Albert farmed and played music together until Albert passed away in 1967. In 1986, Jerry married his wife, Sharon, and they continued to run the 160-acre family farm.


An elegant, musical, generous and hard-working man, Jerry loved to share his gifts and his story. In Ireland we often use the phrase, Ni Bhehit a Leithéid Arís Ann (We shall never see his like again), when someone dies. Another saying that is often used to end an epitaph, De go raibh a anam dilí s (May his dear soul be at the right hand of God), which conjures up a comforting image of Jerry in the Heavens, reunited with his father, entertaining the souls of the departed, reminding themselves  and their celestial audience of the earthly pleasures of embodied music making.   Mel Mercier